2022/2023 Details


Eagle Island State Park


AM 9:15 -12:15

PM 12:45- 3:45

Registration Fee:*


*non refundable. Does not apply towards tuition.

Monthly Tuition:*

1 day = $165/month

2 days = $313.50/month

*Monthly tuition averages to $38 a day

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Forest Kindergarten

Ages 5-8

Let your Kindergartener flourish in the forest. Our curriculum is a blend of Waldorf principles, European forest school approaches, and rooted in play-based practices.

We offer both morning and afternoon sessions during the school year. Students can attend one, two, three, four, or five days a week. Each day will have a specialty focus to enrich the outdoor nature school experience.

Weekly Focuses

Monday: Fine Arts

Wednesday: Math, Science

Example Curriculum

Weekly Topic: Pond Study- Cattails (genus Typha)

Monday: Nature Fine Arts - Walk to the pond to observe the Cattails.

  • Listen to the sounds that we hear (or don't hear) around the pond.

  • Cattails were made into woven mats by Native Tribes.

    • Activity: Practice weaving using cattails and other nature items

  • Cattails have been made into calligraphy pens

    • Activity: Make a calligraphy pen

2022-2023 Calendar

11 weeks sessions

Fall 2022:

Sept5- Nov. 18th ( 1 week off-Thanksgiving)

Winter 2022:

Nov. 28th - February 24 (2 weeks off - Winter & New Years)

Spring 2023:

February 27th- May 22 (1 week off- Spring Break )