Raleigh, NC

Contact Sarah, our North Carolina Director at NatureSchoolSarah@gmail.com


Fall 2022 Enrollment


Caregiver & Me

Tuesdays 10am-11:15am

Thursdays 10:30am-11:45am

Fridays 9:30am-10:45am

Nature Babies

Tuesdays 11:30am-12:30pm

Fridays 11am-12pm


Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday for 10 weeks.

September 12th- November 18th.


Ms. Sarah will be teaching Tuesdays at

Falls Dam Recreation Area

Falls Management Center Road

Wake Forest, NC 27587

Ms. Hannah will be teaching Thursdays at

Fallon Park

2401 Oxford Road

Raleigh, NC 27608

Ms. Amanda will be teaching Fridays at

Durant Nature Preserve

8305 Camp Durant Road

Raleigh, NC 27614

PRICE: $189

Summer Programs!

Join us this summer as we continue to explore the great outdoors together! With two incredibly unique program options, you will not want to miss this.

*Caregiver & Me Program Options in

North Raleigh

Walking Age through 6 Years, With a Caregiver

“North Carolina Nature” Camp

June 20th-24th 10am-11am

Durant Nature Preserve

Whether you are a native North Carolinian or a new arrival, you won’t want to miss this fun week! Come learn about the native plants and animals that represent our state symbols! Each day will focus on a different state symbol: bird, reptile, flower, tree, and motto! Our time will be full of nature exploration, crafts, and play-based learning!

“Nature Detectives” Camp

August 15th-19th 10am-11am

Honeycutt Park

Kids will use the power of observation and their 5 Senses to help them be the best nature detectives they can be. We will utilize our nature detective skills to learn all about the animals, birds, bugs, trees and plants that live in our area. We will go on nature hikes, do scavenger hunts, search for clues in the forest and make some secret detective craft tools.

*Caregiver & Me Pop-Up Options in Creedmoor

Ages 2-10 Years, With a Caregiver

“Log Life” Pop-Up Playdate at Perry Pines

Saturday, June 11th 9am-12pm

Perry Pines, Creedmoor NC

Join us to learn about the lichen, moss, mushrooms, and insects that call logs home! This pop up play-date is geared to children 2-10 years old. We will explore the woods of a private pine tree farm looking for fallen trees. As we explore, children will use magnifying glasses and all of their observation skills to look for living organisms on and under logs!

“Wonders of Weather” Pop-Up Playdate at Perry Pines

July 16th 9am-12pm

Perry Pines, Creedmoor NC

Children 2-10 years old will love this weather-based play experience! Let’s learn about all the different types of weather we experience! We will make tornadoes, identify clouds, talk about lightning and thunder, and even play in the “rain” at our private pine tree farm just north of Falls Lake! Prepare to get wet!

“Sensational Sunflowers” Pop-Up Playdate at Perry Pines

August 13th 9am-12pm

Perry Pines, Creedmoor NC

Sunflower season is our favorite! If we are lucky there will be a field of sunflowers to explore at Perry Pines! Feel free to bring your camera. Children 2-10 years old will use their senses to learn all about the parts of a sunflower! We will even be making our own sunflower butter to see what it tastes like!


Programs We Offer:

Caregiver & Me

Once a week for children walking - 6 years, with a Caregiver

Our child and caregiver classes are a great way to offer your child(ren) up to age 6 an opportunity to learn in the forest all year long with you right by their side! Our school year is broken down into Fall, Winter and Spring 10 week sessions. Classes are limited to just 10 students per class. Each season has a fun theme!

A peek into a day at our Caregiver and Me Class


Welcome Activity

Circle Time (with songs and stories)

Main Activity

Open Ended Play

Snack and Tea Time

Goodbye Song

Nature Babies

Once a week for newborns - 18 months, with a Caregiver

Our 10 week baby and caregiver class is a great way to offer you and your baby an opportunity to find and be part of a supportive community, learn more about how to support your baby's development, and just have fun and bond with one another in the great outdoors!

A peek into a day at our Nature Babies class


Sensory Walk

Circle Time (with songs and our caregiver support circle)

Free Play and Nature Observation

Main Activity

Clean up

Goodbye Song

Monthly Forest Playgroups in Raleigh

*Cost: FREE!

*Location: Prairie Ridge Ecostation (in the nature play-space area)

*When: Our next meet-up is on Saturday, 8/6 at 10AM.

Open to the public!

Let the kiddos play and enjoy a relaxing morning in nature; Wild Beginnings Nature School is hosting a *FREE* year-round, monthly Forest Playgroup!

Forest Playgroup is simply a monthly nature-based play date intended to bring our community together, and increase awareness of the nature-childhood connection. A nature teacher will be present, but will not facilitate any lessons. This will be an opportunity to meet with other like minded families while children get unstructured free play.

Forest Playgroup typically happens on the first Saturday of the month, and is open to everyone; bring your friends, bring your family; come and enjoy the woodlands as the children in your life explore their surroundings in a relaxed atmosphere. So many opportunities for unstructured, nature-immersed free-play for all ages; the benefits are astounding! Meet friends, spend some quality time with the children in your life and enjoy nature with your community!

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